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Wine for the Love of Life, and the Art of Living! ™

With so many small, boutique Washington wineries who's focus it is to produce fine, hand-crafted artisanal wines, it is difficult to discern where wines of superior quality and exceptional value can truly be found. We at Icon Cellars devote ourselves to producing elegant, "Old World" style wines for those discerning individuals who thoughtfully choose wine to compliment life regardless the occasion… “wines for the love of life and the art of living.”

Dedicated to the art of crafting superior wines meant for a discriminating few, our production levels are thoughtfully and purposefully kept small, allowing greater time and attention to be spent coaxing the fullest and most complete expression of each varietal, while clearly understanding the inherent value in providing exclusive and limited offerings that cannot be acquired by everyone.

Lastly, but no less importantly, it is my goal as Winemaker and owner of Icon Cellars to provide for you unique opportunities to experience and enjoy Icon wines with those; like yourself, who also appreciate wine complemented by fine food, fine art and of course fine music. I will personally look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our exclusive Icon Circle of friends.

Meet the Winemaker

In 2004, after over twenty-three years in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech sector, serendipity played a significant role in Jim's life. Upon being relocated to Washington from California, Jim's new team, knowing he loved wine, presented him with a basket of fine Washington wines to show him that superior wines were indeed produced "outside" California.

                                Jim Garner, Owner & Winemaker

                                Jim Garner, Owner & Winemaker

It just so happened that one of the selections in that basket was an excellent Pleasant Hill Cellars 2001 Columbia Valley Cabernet, which Jim thoroughly enjoyed. Asking where he could acquire more of this excellent wine and as chance would have it he was told that Pleasant Hill Cellars was having an event the following weekend and that he could not only pick up another bottle, but spend time at the winery and meet Larry Lindvig; owner and award winning winemaker.

Long story short, Jim began helping Larry at the winery, learning cellar operations and how to make small lots of fine wine. After gaining further training from UC Davis, Jim became an alternating proprietor with Larry at Pleasant Hill, establishing and opening Icon Cellars in the Spring of 2010.

With a focus on Rhone varietals, Icon's first white wine, a 2010 Viognier, won a Silver medal at the 2011 Seattle Wine Awards. Since that time other varietals and other vintages have won Double Gold and Platinum awards in northwest wine competitions.

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Jim at Elephant Mountain Vineyard.

Jim at Elephant Mountain Vineyard.